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Benefits of Outsourcing Architectural AutoCAD Drafting and Revit BIM Services

Technological progress is the reason behind the rise of outsourcing. The concept of farming out a part of the work or the entire work is famously known as outsourcing which is currently taking the world by storm. If we turn our attention to the field of architecture, we will witness the same scenario where outsourcing is a gripping idea. AutoCAD drafting and Revit BIM services are increasingly being adopted by the US architectural firms as these are positively changing the course of business on a massive scale.

Outsourcing is not a new word in the world of architecture. The US architectural firms in massive number are shipping out their works to Indian firms for several reasons. Quality service can do a great favour to the US firms as well as the Indian units entrusted with outsourced works. Before burring ourselves into the discussion of advantages that can be gained from outsourcing those above-stated architecture-related services, let us get familiar with what AutoCAD and Revit BIM are all about.

AutoCAD refers to computer aided software program that finds extensive use for creating blueprints of social infrastructure and buildings to be developed. The software program is also used to draft out a layout for computer chips. Apart from the drafters, architects and surveyors also use the software program to create layouts of the to-be constructed architectural projects.

BIM: Building Information Modelling is now growing in demand at the architectural firms as a part of their modern construction projects. In addition to making a digital representation of a construction project, BIM facilitates interoperability and collaboration on a different and much higher level within the perimeter of design environment.

Now the inevitable question is why the architectural firms in growing number are opting for outsourcing. According to most observed trend in the USA, the big architectural firms are breaking down their AutoCAD and Revit BIM projects into multiple segments and distributing those among several Indian firms. There are several advantages of outsourcing these projects and let us learn them one by one:

Cost-Saving Option: This is most probably the biggest reason why outsourcing is gaining momentum in the so-called developed countries. Outsourcing CAD and Revit BIM services to another firm in the same country often adds to estimated expenses instead of curbing it. Labour is cheaper in India though the professionals are highly skilled. That rare combination is almost forcing the firms to ship out the work to their Indian counterparts either partly or in its entirety.

Time-Saving Choice: It takes time to develop a design even if you are using a feature-rich software program like AutoCAD. The internal resources (both workforce and fund) used for AutoCAD and Rebit BIM could be skewed towards more important aspects of designing projects as well as marketing of them.

Round-the-Clock Business Environment: Outsourcing creates a round-the-clock business environment. When you are done with your part of work, it can be continued by the outhouse party without any time gap between different aspects of the same project.

Assurance of Quality: If the right party is contracted, outsourcing could result into more efficient service, especially if your firm lacks in manpower and/or the level of expertise required to handle a more sophisticated and big project.

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