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Cambodia Building Architectural Consultancy Services and Structural Engineering

Even a few years back, Cambodia wasn’t the preferred choice of architectural consultancy firms as it had a history of stalled real estate projects. However, the scenario has changed with the country, especially its capital Phnom Penh, becoming a regional business destination. With property market investments standing at $1.9 billion in the first half of 2013, which is a significant improvement over $1.2 billion in 2011, the future of Phnom Penh and the country holds promise for architecture and design experts.

Civil Construction Companies and Real Estate Developers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia can benefit a lot from the expertise of overseas planners, architects, engineers and designers, like those with Banerjee And Associates, who have helped develop various projects around the world, starting from residential/commercial buildings to educational/institutional buildings and much more.

For those still in a dilemma about what services they can get from architectural consultancy firms and how joining hands with them can be beneficial, here are some insights worth considering:

  • Building & Industry Architectural Engineering: Architectural engineers with years of experience in the building industry can be involved in all aspects of building design, systems and operations, including planning, design, management, facility and construction operations.
  • Architectural and Design Consultancy: The consultants (usually a team of talented engineers, designers and R&D personnel) will offer design and consultancy services for HVAC, electrical wiring, fire fighting and plumbing. Some architectural consultancy firms like Banerjee And Associates also offer full service engineering consultancy (Architecture, Civil, Structure & MEP) for a particular project. The scope of such work includes conceptual design of the building, drafting and production of the contract document and tender, municipal drawing, structural drawing, construction drawing, interior drawing as well as 360° 3D views and walkthroughs.
  • Urban Planning: Be it infrastructure, urban and regional planning around Phnom Penh’s lakes and canals, architectural design services for contemporary building in Sihanoukville that go well with its colonial period architecture, or construction in Siem Reap to beat the chaos and congestion, architectural consultancy firms like Banerjee And Associates can bring a lot of variety in what they do. Professionals of these firms can also perform urban poverty assessment to help regional real estate players develop settlements that offer the urban poor better access to basic services and income opportunities.
  • Infrastructure Facilities: Cambodia still has a long way to go before it can claim to have good physical infrastructure that promotes social and economic development. Overseas architectural consultancy firms like Banerjee And Associates can join hands with local Construction Engineering and Civil Works companies to develop buildings & Industries, roads, bridges, etc. all of which can act as the nation’s backbone for sustainable development.

Joining forces with architectural consultancy firms like Banerjee And Associates will surely prove to be a win-win for the movers and shakers of Cambodia’s real estate and civil works.

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