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Why Civil Construction Companies are building strategic partnerships with Offshore Architecture Firms

Many civil construction companies in the Southeast Asian region are forging tie ups withoffshore architecture firms to benefit from their expertise and experience. In countries like Yangon (Myanmar), Thailand, and Malaysia, this trend is in vogue where offshore companies having expertise and experience in interior design, urban designs and architecture, architectural drafting detailing (CAD) and landscape architecture are in big demand. At Banerjee And Associates, which is one of the leading architectural design firms in India, the in-house architects vouch for the efficacy of such a move. Having worked with strategic partners in Africa and Asia in the past successfully, these professionals are now focusing on creating tie ups with civil construction companies of Thailand, Malaysia and Yangon (Myanmar).They believe thatbuilding strategic partnerships with the civil construction companies of these regions is the way to move forward. With their ability to offer comprehensive full-spectrum architecture design capabilities for civil and business units, such strategic partnerships can speed up the project and ensure end results of top-notch quality.

If you own a civil construction company in Thailand, Malaysia and Yangon (Myanmar), want to expand your business but don’t have the requisite architectural design expertise, looking for architecture strategic partners like Banerjee And Associates can be your best bet. If you are still in a dilemma about forging such tie ups, here are some advantages that you can get by going ahead:

  • Making the most of a vast land of construction opportunity: Tapping into the vast land of construction opportunity in Thailand, Malaysia and Yangon (Myanmar) won’t be easy if you don’t have the relevant expertise in architectural design. Even when you have got hold of a vast piece of land or a property that needs a new-age makeover, you won’t be able to handle the project successfully if you don’t have consultant architects to handle land surveys, test materials, check soil mechanics and foundations, give suggestions on building types, structures, hardware, insulation, plumbing, acoustics etc. This is where professionals working with your offshore architecture strategic partners (like those onboard Banerjee And Associates) can help.
  • Savings in cost and time: Engaging offshore architecture strategic partners can often turn out to be more cost-effective than hiring locally. Such tie ups can also quicken the pace of project implementation and let you gain a competitive edge over other bidders in projects that are much sought-after, especially if your architecture strategic partners bring such experience and expertise to the table that’s not found easily in the region. With their design, architecture and technology advantages, these professionals can supplement your capabilities and provide you with a win-win solution.
  • Advantage of getting variety: Local architects may often not be aware of new design specifications, the latest developments in wind and seismic design criteria, new building materials and systems, updated building codes applicable in various regions etc. But an offshore architecture design firm, whose people have worked on international projects, gives you access to professionals who have a lot of exposure and knowledge as well as experience in a wide variety of relevant subjects. Thus, when you join hands with such architecture strategic partners, your projects stand to gain from their skills and expertise.

A vast opportunity exists for civil construction companies in Yangon (Myanmar), Malaysia and Thailand. However, to make their presence felt in these regions, these companies need to select efficient architecture strategic partners like Banerjee And Associateswho canhelp them leverage the opportunity with a sustainable, long-term perspective in mind.Are you ready to take the plunge?

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